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Our Programs

We offer different programs each year to fit varying needs. Choose a program that interests you!

(in-person and online)

This is our traditional peer-mentoring and tutoring program, where we work with public school systems, community centers, and homeless shelters to not only bridge achievement gaps, but also to help students find confidence and joy in learning. Depending on the location, this can be a summer-only or year-round program. Click here to see HoCo Chapter programs. Click here to see Boston Chapter options. Learn more about our program at FCPS. Click here to learn more about our community mentorship program.


Working in teams with programming, curriculum design, and marketing specialties, students will prototype solutions for real world problems. This may include designing an app, creating a website, or other creative ventures. Students do not need prior coding experience to join. Innovator is a year-round project with work required during the school year.

The Explorer

(Formerly Teen Stories) If you are interested in writing and journalism, join students from around the world to share their experiences on how they view common issues. We hope to gain a global perspective of these issues by producing 4 issues a year. BranchOut! mentors participating in this program will have the opportunity to inspire and be inspired, empower and be empowered by the courage demonstrated by themselves and other members. This is a year-round program. 

community workshops

(Formerly Career Panels) Students with similar interests will work together to plan a career panel or other educational workshop for fellow students and adults. They will invite professionals in a field of their choice to discuss career paths, goals, and the future of their professions. Past events have also included panels with admissions officers from top US schools. This is a great program to enhance your public speaking skills. This is a summer only program.

BranchOut!'s News and Events
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