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Boston Chapter

Cambridge, MA & Boston, MA

Calling all Boston students! BranchOut!, the award-winning Youth Community Outreach Program, is now open for registration in your city! We are proud to announce our new BranchOut! Boston Chapter, beginning work in Summer 2023.


With BranchOut! Boston you will...

  • Discover meaningful opportunities to serve your community

  • Gain valuable skills in communication, leadership, and professionalism

  • Earn SSL hours

  • Make a difference in the experiences of the people you serve

  • Access BranchOut! virtual programs including Explorer Magazine and Innovator


Fall Programs

BranchOut! Boston is partnering with

Tutoring Plus during the 2024-2025 school year.

  • Mentor students 1-on-1 in a variety of subjects

  • Support upper elementary and middle school programs

  • Contribute to community advocacy project

  • Assist staff with small group class management

  • Consistent weekly volunteering commitment throughout the fall! Minimum 2 hours a week

Summer Programs

BranchOut! Boston is partnering with The Community Art Center for Summer 2024

  • Partner with a local community center in Cambridge, MA

  • Support school-aged program summer classes

  • Greet and play with students during arrival

  • Assist educators with STEAM classes and activities

  • Program runs 1-3 weeks (August 5 - August 23) and has limited space. Apply now!

Upcoming Programs

BranchOut! Boston is partnering with a Youth Shelter in Cambridge, MA for one-time and weekly volunteer opportunities.

  • Be a part of one of the largest youth-homeless shelters in New England

  • Assist with shelter clean ups and organizing days

  • Volunteer for a weekly meal service shift

  • Connect with student volunteers and shelter guests

  • Contribute to the youth-driven effort to end homelessness

How to Apply

  • Explore BranchOut!'s programs and decide which one(s) are right for you.

  • Read through BranchOut! Boston's application qualifications and requirements 

  • Submit your application and monitor your inbox for next steps

  • Complete an interview with a student leader

  • Begin your work with BranchOut! Boston!

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