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Ever since the closure of the public school systems in the country, BranchOut! student volunteers have been working hard to alleviate the burden of educators by bringing BranchOut! services to students in need. 

BranchOut! was created in 2015 by Veritas Education Leaders to help close the education gap between students while promoting STEM education and cross-cultural understanding. From 2015 to present, BranchOut! has grown from twenty student mentors to one hundred fifty student mentors yearly from 40 different schools across 5 states. Throughout the years, BranchOut! has mentored students at community centers, high schools, and family shelters in the DMV area. The program is endorsed by those such as Virginia Senator Tim Kaine and Former FCPS Board Member at Large Ryan McElveen.

BranchOut! services include a free online tutoring program that is personalized to the needs of each student. Each tutee gets personally assigned a mentor who works to help them in subjects that they are struggling in. Starting from 2020, BranchOut!'s Howard County Branch has partnered with Howard County Autism Society (HCAS) to provide an encouraging and positive learning environment even during these unprecedented times.  

Alex Cui, a BranchOut! student mentor for 4 years, shared below his incredible experience and journey in tutoring a HCAS student.

If you're interested in receiving tutoring (online), please sign up below:

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 Don Barrick, Vice President of Board of Directors, Howard County Autism Society:

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"This partnership came at an especially critical time as families and students in the autism and disability community worked to navigate the special challenges of virtual learning, as did the entirety of school systems and students everywhere!  Having this kind of peer-centered, high quality tutoring program targeted for our families and young people was a great gift and we thank you very, very much.

Every time a group like BranchOut! connects with HCAS it creates another community of residents who understand and value the autistic community.  We hope that this connection and experience will stay with you throughout your life.   

We are ALWAYS looking for people that are seeking to support us, in any way, shape or form!


Thank you so very much for your kind attention and huge work ethic!"

To donate to BranchOut!, a non-profit, 501 (c)(3) organization, please click on the donation button below.  If you have any questions, please contact us at We will respond within a week. If you don't hear from us, please try again. Thank you!

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