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Go Green! 

BranchOut! has partnered with a VA-based IT recycling and tech repair center. This facility, located in Chantilly, VA, serves its community by handling old and broken electronics in an environmentally conscious way. Rather than allowing the tech to end up in a land fill, electronics recycling centers can repair electronics for a new life or break them down to find useful parts- from monitors to copper wires!

Our partner is seeking high school interns with a strong STEM background to assist with key research projects during the 2023-2024 Winter Break, with the possibility to continuing this work in the spring! Projects available now include research into the environmental impact of the tech recycling center. 

Read about them below!

Environmental Impact Research

Research Intern will estimate the energy savings from reusing a laptop rather than buying a new one. It is important for consumers and customers to understand the environmental footprint they create when buying and throwing away tech. How can we encourage people to reuse technology or buy second hand? You will be a part of this important work by starting with the example of a laptop, a very common good that passes trough the recycling center in great amounts every day.

Apply Now!

To apply for one of the Winter Break internships, please read the information below carefully and submit the following Form. *The form is not visible on mobile devices* 


  • Must be a current or returning BranchOut! mentor

  • Strong STEM background and interest

  • Research and data analysis skills

  • Availability to participate either remotely or in-person during winter break

  • Current high school student

Benefits for Interns

  • Compensated with service hours

  • Experience in a real work environment

  • Develop your own research project and presentation

Schedule for the internship is flexible. Please provide your availability in the application form below.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Saturday December 16th, 2023 by 11:59pm ET​

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