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One of our summer projects this year is the Community Role Models project. In order to promote success and engagement in our society, students work in small groups to find local heroes in the community to write about. The heroes range from teachers to students to small business owners. While we tend to look at the "big" things in the world, it's important to recognize the countless achievements made by people right at our doorsteps.

A GIVEr of the Community

High Schoolers for Front Liners

From Laws to Paws

Exploring History Across Generations through "iWitnesses"

Your Friendly Neighborhood Hero: Spanish Teacher Creates Community Welfare Program Amidst COVID-19

We the People: How One Teacher has Increased Student Civic Awareness
SAFE Food for All

Make a Meal, Making a Difference

25 Years of Saving Lives- Fire Chief John Morrison

Curating Art Communities

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