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2018 BranchOut kicks off new summer with a training session

This past Saturday, members of the BranchOut program gathered at Pender Professional Center in Fairfax, VA for a training session. BranchOut is a multicultural STEM education program that was created by Dr. Yushien Wu in order to help spread cultural awareness and to foster interest in STEM related topics. During the session, educators and executives taught the mentors how to succeed in educating and creating relationships with their mentees. Nitu Mohan from Madison High School, Kevina Wang and Lawrence Zhu, both from Oakton High School, introduced Dr. Wu and the program. Next, Dr. Wu gave a speech on the origins of BranchOut, and explained the program’s mission. Other speakers, such as Ms. Madalene Mielke, the President and CEO of APAICS, Mrs. Ellen Hussain, the Math Department Chair at Oakton High School, Ms. Julia Ross and Ms. Nicolette Pisani, two elementary school teachers, and Mr. Bob Gee, the Former Assistant Secretary of DOE, also spoke at the event. They gave talks pertaining to strategies for teaching students both at the elementary school age and high school age and networking.

Program Agenda can be found here

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