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BranchOut! is a program created by Veritas Education Leaders, a 501 (c)(3) organization based in Northern Virginia.

BranchOut! is organized, trained, and guided by volunteer education experts and professionals. It is driven, led, and managed by student leaders with the goal to promote STEM knowledge across various communities while promoting civic engagement. 


BranchOut! Human Minds: A Crowd Full of Bystanders- The Bystander Effect and Pluralistic Ignorance

July 18, 2020

BranchOut! Human Minds- The Mozart Effect: Should we start listening to classical music?

June 19, 2020

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Resources for Kids!

Because so many kids are stuck at home for the time being, we made several videos to keep them entertained, as well as for them to continue learning and discovering new things. We have videos about famous scientists, fun activities to do at home, and more!

Check out our videos at 

Veritas Education's YouTube Channel

BranchOut! Innovator

BranchOut! Innovator is a Congressional Award-winning program where participants use their skills in programming, curriculum design, and marketing to build a mobile application that will help students prepare for required state tests. While the BranchOut! mentoring program is over the summer, BranchOut! Innovator is a year-long program that takes place remotely.

“Working with BranchOut! mentors [has] been a cultural enrichment experience for our participants...This mentoring program gave mentees and mentors an opportunity to learn from each other's different cultures, and embrace their new learning experience through unique and fun STEM projects.” 


—  Willston Multicultural Center Management Team


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