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Community Workshops

Wuhan Chapter

BranchOut! students from Wuhan Britain-China International School are expanding the work of BranchOut!'s Community Workshops to new corners of the world! Students arrange interviews with experts in various fields as educational resources for their peers to explore potential career fields and areas of study. The organizers work in multiple languages.

"The goal of a career panel is to help people, especially high school students, gain perspectives about potential future careers and make informed decisions.

I am expanding the reach of this project to China and Chinese speakers by interviewing Chinese professionals. I believe this can help people in my community and globally gain these essential career insights to benefit their educational and professional growth."

~ Zimo (Jasmine) Tu, Chapter Founder 

Panel #2: Business

Chloe interviewed Wenjuan Liu, who has an educational background in international economics, trade, and law. With rich experiences leading securities, supply chain, and human resources departments of various organizations, Ms. Liu shares how she has worked her way up to managing the Hubei Science and Technology Innovation Board and a Shanghai-based company, Zero Store Control. This interview focuses on her work experience, the challenges she encountered, and her path to get to where she is.


Watch the video in Mandarin and read the takeaways in English


The speaker brings insights into the burgeoning field of financial technology (Fintech) and innovation-driven enterprises. As the Chinese capital markets continue to embrace technological advancements, understanding the intricacies of compliance requirements and investor relations becomes increasingly crucial.


The speaker's career path exemplifies the power of a growth mindset. By sharing her experiences of continuous learning, adaptation, and resilience, the video aims to inspire students to think broadly, embrace challenges, seek new opportunities, and persist in the face of adversity.


The speaker's diverse expertise in economics, law, human resources, global supply chain management, and corporate governance, is crucial for tackling modern business challenges. Additionally, her language skills and technological acumen highlight the importance of interdisciplinary skills in today's business world.

Panel #1: Psychology

Jasmine interviewed Sabrina Huang about her role as the Head of the Qiuzhen College Positive Psychology Workshop at  Tsinghua University. Her job combines research and the application of research to real-world issues. She works in a relatively new area of psychology called Positive Psychology. Sabrina's goal is to use the results of her research to help solve problems in creative ways and produce innovative outcomes.


Watch the video in Mandarin and read the takeaways in English


For an emerging psychological field, there is currently not a lot of traditional job availability in positive psychology. Sabrina was innovative in finding a career path by combining research and knowledge application together. This is an important mindset for high school students who are unsure or worried about job prospects.


As intelligent teenagers who have not experienced failure up until high school or college, failures can feel shocking and lead to extreme feelings of depression. These personal experiences are highly related to Sabrina's research that inspires students to use failure as motivation to improve and to foster an inspirational growth mindset.


For students who are uncertain about their future careers and worry that they might not end up working in the field they major in in college, Sabrina shared that knowledge from other subjects can be very relevant, so keep learning. Moreover, soft skills, especially teamwork and humility, are crucial to success in every field.

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