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BranchOut! Innovator Places 3rd for Congressional App Challenge

On December 2nd, 2019, BranchOut!’s Innovator team won third place overall in Virginia District 10 in the Congressional App Challenge (CAC), a national competition for students to create an app and present it to the public.

Innovator is a team consisting of 20+ students from different schools and backgrounds. The team consists of three sub-teams: Developers, Curriculum Design, and Marketing. The Developer team programs and designs the app using tools such as Android Studio and Firebase. The Curriculum Design team create questions and topics used in the app. Lastly, the Marketing team promotes and advertises the app, while giving updates about the Innovator team and its progress. By having online meetings every week, they were able to create an app that won third place in CAC.

The app is called “SOLve”, an application to help students study for the SOLs, a standardized test each student has to take in Virginia. In many parts of Virginia, students may not have the resources needed to do well on these tests. They hope this app will give more access to test materials, assist students in studying for the SOL, and help students understand the variety of concepts in each subject.

The team hopes to improve their app even more by adding more features, including tracking user progress and adding more questions and subjects.

For more information about BranchOut! Innovator, click here:

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