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BranchOut! Receives Donation from MassMutual

This past summer marked the 4th year of BranchOut! STEM Education’s mentoring program, with its largest range of mentors and mentees yet, consisting of 132 mentors and 9 mentoring locations serving over 600 students. BranchOut! mentors have been able to make strides in closing achievement gaps in education and driving meaningful change in their communities by designing innovative curriculum, forming connections, and giving support to students at various community centers and summer schools. This impact has been getting noticed by community leaders and companies alike. Recently, BranchOut! received a donation from MassMutual’s Charitable Giving Program. With this contribution, BranchOut! looks to continue expanding into new communities, such as Baltimore County, and creating fresh ideas through initiatives like BranchOut! Innovator, a program in which students interested in coding, marketing, and curriculum are working together to make an educational app. In addition to MassMutual, BranchOut! has also received financial support from organizations, such as SalesForce and the Calvin J. Li Foundation, as well as community recognition such as the Gold Star Group Volunteer award from the Fairfax Neighborhood and Community Services organization. As BranchOut! expands, we hope to continue to grow this support network and receive more contributions to our cause.

Simon Zheng, Angeline Zheng Agency Managing Partner from MassMutual and Dr. Yuhsien Wu, Co-Founder of BranchOut! Veritas Education Leaders

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