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BranchOut! DC Trash Pickup Event

BranchOut! will be holding a trash pickup at the DC National Mall from 9AM to 12PM on September 14th, 2019. This is another way for BrachOut! to give back to the community while broadening our reach in the DMV area.

You can sign-up for this event at this link:

Please also look at the items that we need to bring in for the event, and if you are able to bring in something please also select the item(s) & quantity you will be bringing.

If you’re interested in joining the management team, please contact Byron Wu( or Marina Wang( to help organize the event. We need more people to help us on logistics, marketing, and fundraising. For more detailed information on the jobs, please read the following Google Docs, and tell us which position you would like to apply for:

If you are interested in a position please send Marina & Byron an email by 9 PM on July 28th with a brief introduction as to who you are (name, grade, school, years with BranchOut!, etc) and a 100-150 word personal statement as to why you are interested in the position and why you are qualified.

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