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BranchOut! DC Trash Pickup Event

On Saturday, September 14, 2019, about 40 BranchOut! student mentors and parents took part in BranchOut!'s DC National Mall trash pickup event.

About 10 student leaders got to the National Mall at 8am to set up and meet with the staff from the National Park Service. The actual trash pick-up event started around 9:30am after the team was debriefed.

This was our first trash pick-up event, and BranchOut! team was proud to be able to take care of our environment by collecting multiple bags of trash from the assigned area.

The team was also given the unique opportunity to speak with World War II, Vietnam and Korean War veterans as part of the honor flight program. It was a memorable experience as our team got to discuss current events with these veterans and thank them in person for their contribution to the country.

Below is a video clip from the event with Teresa Dong (12th grader, Marshall High School) as the student reporter.

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