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Mentor Spotlight - Phoebe Wang

Phoebe Wang is a rising 10th grader at Dominion High School. This summer, she was a part of the BranchOut! x Pohick STEAM Program and The Explorer.

At her first Pohick session, the students made popsicle stick bridges and created objects out of paper, like origami and paper airplanes. The kids were loud and energetic and Phoebe learned to connect with them by asking about their interests, hobbies, and favorite animals. Throughout her time mentoring, Phoebe learned how to interact with kids and maintain their engagement.

One of Phoebe’s most memorable experiences as part of the Pohick program was when she was able to help a student come out of her shell. During a popsicle bridge building activity, Phoebe noticed one student sitting off to the side. With questions and compliments, Phoebe was able to encourage the student to add her own creation to the other kids’ bridge. After a little more time, she started to talk more and added her own input to her group’s bridge. As the day went on, the student became more and more engaged and expressive in the origami activities. Phoebe was extremely proud to see that the student was making her own origami, showing them off to the people around her, and was super excited!

Overall, the experience helped Phoebe develop stronger communication skills and get a unique opportunity to connect with younger students. She looks forward to seeing more students joining the Pohick Program next summer!

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