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Teen Stories Issue 3

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00: Editor's Note

The purpose of the Teen Stories project is to be fully immersed in one of BranchOut!’s missions: bringing cultures together. As a result, we wanted to find something that all teenagers, from different continents, could talk about. That’s why we decided to write about the favorite aspects of our cultures...

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01: Three Stories

Around 494 BCE, the Kingdom of Wu had
successfully invaded the Kingdom of Yue. To buy time for revenge, the King of Yue was willing to be a servant to the King of Wu...

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02: Household of Cultural Fusion

The Asian-American population in the
U.S. soared to nearly 23.2 million in 2019 from 11.9 million in 2000. Among Asian-Americans, Chinese- Americans are the largest group, making up 23%...

03: The Unity of Culture

Being Chinese- American, there are several aspects or
customs of my culture I like. I could elaborate on the food, the holidays (when I get free money)...

04: Somali Culture

Somali culture on its own is so intricate that it doesn’t make sense to outsiders and might even be regarded as “too confusing.” Culture to us is a family system that has been passed down through the...

05: "Smelly" Food and 06: Spring Festival

China has many unique traditional foods and while
some of them are easily likeable, others are a
more acquired taste. One of the most typical foods seen nationally is stinky tofu...

07: Where We Leave Off

Over the past decade, social media usage has grown exponentially. It has allowed us to connect with people around the world, explore new sectors of entertainment, and engage in stimulating conversations. There’s no doubt that the presence of social media has had a major impact on many people, particularly teens...

08: The Organizations Involved

BranchOut!, a youth community outreach program based in the Washington DC metropolitan area, was founded in 2015. The program started out with 20 students and has expanded to include 150 students annually. This non-profit program aims to promote...

09: Who Was Involved?

Featured Authors
- Wanli Tan - Grade 11, Alexandria, VA, TJHSST
- Alex Yung - Grade 10, Fairfax, VA, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology
- Andrew Zhong

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