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Students received the "US House of Representatives Certificate of Congressional Recognition&quo

On Saturday, September 30 , 2017, 21 student mentors were nominated by their peers to receive the “U.S. House of Representatives Certificate of Congressional Recognition" signed by Congresswoman Barbara Comstock. Nominations were evaluated and approved by the MCSE committee based on their ability to mentor their students effectively. The mentors who received this award were: ​ Amanda Chu, 11th grade, Poolsville High School Andrew Wang, 12th grade, TJHSST Angela Wu, 11th grade, Wootton High School Anna Huang, 10th grade, Churchill High School Anshu Sharma, Freshman, Randolph-Macon College Anyesha Majumdar, 12th grade, TJHSST Austin Zhang, 12th grade, McLean High School Carolina Jin, 11th grade, TJHSST Christine Sun, 12th grade, McLean High School Daniel Shen, 11th grade, TJHSST Divya Kumaran, 11th grade, Woodson High School Emily Huo, 11th grade, Chantilly High School Emily Xu, 12th grade, Whitman High School Eric Lin, 12th grade, TJHSST Ethan Liu, 12th grade, TJHSST James Gao, 12th grade, McLean High School Katie Li, 10th grade, Marshall High School Kevin Sun, 12th grade, Oakton High School Patrick Zhang, 10th grade, TJHSST Robert Chu, 11th grade, South County High School William Wang, 10th grade, TJHSST ​ There were seven mentors who also demonstrated notable mentoring skills and received honorable mention. The mentors who received honorable mention were: ​ Andrew Chen, 10th grade, Woodson High School Jennifer Ren, 10th grade, Montgomery Blair High School Erica Wu, 11th grade, TJHSST James Xiao, 12th grade, TJHSST Alex Yang, 11th grade, Basis Fred Zhang, 11th grade, TJHSST Alice Zhang, 12th grade, Montgomery Blair High School

Congratulations to the recipients of this award! To those who didn't receive the award, don't be discouraged! You have the chance to stand out next year!

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