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BranchOut! 4th Annual Celebration

Sunday, October 13th, 2019 is the fourth annual BranchOut! celebrate event. About 300 people from DC, Maryland, and Virginia gathered at the Kreeger Auditorium to attend this regional event. This year, we had Tony lodge, Ryan McElveen, and Paul Li as guest speakers. The guest speakers talked about their experiences, insight, and support of STEM education in society as well as cultural interaction. There were also several ethnic student groups performing this year, ranging from Korean traditional singing to Indian dance groups. BranchOut! grew from 20 student mentors during its first summer in 2016 to almost 150 student mentors participating in the program. This year, outstanding students rec

BranchOut!—The Summer Volunteer Opportunity You’ve Been Looking For

As the school year ends, many high school students struggle to find the answer to one question of what they will do over the summer. With a plethora of options to choose from, from a summer job to tackling summer online PE, students tirelessly search for an activity that will allow them to explore their passion and stand out amidst hundreds of other high school students. This requires an activity that is fun, rewarding, and beneficial for both parties involved. BranchOut! is the one such activity. A non-profit, student mentoring program founded in 2016 by Harvard graduate Dr. Sharon Wu and Richard Wang, BranchOut!’s impact has reached hundreds of students around the DMV area and expanded tre

BranchOut! Taking Root in STEM Education

On June 15, 2019, BranchOut! STEM Education had its fourth annual training at the James Lee Community Center in Falls Church, Virginia. Founded in 2016, the organization’s main purpose is to spread STEM education to underserved communities and improve inter-community understanding through peer-mentoring. Mentors serve at community centers, homeless shelters, and summer schools as of 2019. Dr. Yuhsien Wu, a Harvard graduate from the School of Education, and Mr. Richard Wang were inspired to create this organization by a talk given by former dean of Harvard Graduate School Jim Ryan about the advances in science and technology. During the talk, many teachers in the audience brought up that the

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