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2018 ILF Conference and Gala: Dr. Wu Attends Prestigious Event

“Your voices count as do your visions....This evening is a wonderful occasion to recognize and celebrate the leadership and achievement of the Asian Pacific American community” said US Secretary of Transportation at the annual ILF conference and gala. This past Thursday (July 19th) was the 2018 Leadership and Business Conference Scholarship Awards Gala, which was hosted in Washington, DC by the International Leadership Foundation (ILF). The ILF was founded in 2000 to create greater diversity in the country’s representation and promote young Asian and Pacific American leaders in public service and business. Each year, leaders from around the nation gather in Washington DC to attend the annual

Using MIT Scratch as a Life Lesson

7/5/18 - The penultimate day of Week 2 JLCC BranchOut! The day began with a procession of mentors giving fist bumps to the students. As the week progressed, I noticed that the students became more and more excited walking into the classroom as they were greeted by familiar faces. As with all the activities this week, the math warm-up was a step up from the previous day: what is the probability of getting exactly 2 heads if you drop 3 coins? Through this problem, the students were introduced to two possible ways of computing the answer: one way involving listing all possible outcomes and the other involving multiplying probabilities, which is the foundation of highly applicable combinatorics

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