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60 Trillion Dollars Question

Today was our second day mentoring at JFK's summer school, so things were beginning to settle down a bit as both the students and teachers began to really adjust to the pace of the work schedule. For my pre-calculus class, since there is a big unit test coming up on Thursday, the students were given a long review packet and encouraged to work together and seek help from me (the tutor) and the teacher. Because this is somewhat of a condensed course, there were some problems that the students did not know how to do, so I found myself teaching extra material to help students better grasp different concepts. One of the most memorable events from today would have to our icebreaker, when the teach

First Day of BranchOut! 2018!

Happy First Day of BranchOut! 2018! Day one started out with a bang at the Montgomery County Public School and James Lee Community Center! Here you can see our mentors gearing up to meet their first round of students! Students began day one by tackling the topic of problem solving, using Legos and K'nex to build different structures. Mentors guided each age range to success with a different perspective, goal and strategy. A great start to the summer! #branchout2018

2018 BranchOut kicks off new summer with a training session

This past Saturday, members of the BranchOut program gathered at Pender Professional Center in Fairfax, VA for a training session. BranchOut is a multicultural STEM education program that was created by Dr. Yushien Wu in order to help spread cultural awareness and to foster interest in STEM related topics. During the session, educators and executives taught the mentors how to succeed in educating and creating relationships with their mentees. Nitu Mohan from Madison High School, Kevina Wang and Lawrence Zhu, both from Oakton High School, introduced Dr. Wu and the program. Next, Dr. Wu gave a speech on the origins of BranchOut, and explained the program’s mission. Other speakers, such as Ms

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