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Who is behind Exalt?

Exalt Product Team is a dedicated team of 25 people focused 100% on developing the product, marketing it globally and building the partner network. QueryNow was founded in Germany in 2014. From the beginning, we have been 100% focused on Microsoft technologies. We are one of the most experienced Office 365 and SharePoint partners in Europe, and we have been a Microsoft Partner since 2014.

What is the history of Exalt?

QueryNow (the company behind Exalt) has a long history of developing SharePoint-based intranets for large enterprise customers. Building an intranet from scratch is often very time-consuming and expensive. However, in the end, most intranets look the same and share the same functionality. Over time we became frustrated reinventing the wheel over and over again and the first version of Exalt was born in 2016. Current Exalt version is the third major version of the product.

Who is a typical Exalt customer?

Many organisations are already using Exalt in their daily life. Exalt clients include customers from all industries and from small and midsize organizations to large enterprises.

Can I use Exalt with my mobile phone or tablet?

Yes. All Exalt pages are responsive and adapts to all kind of mobile devices. In addition, you can request the Exalt Mobile App from us to push it to all your employee's mobile devices via various MDM solutions.

How long will Exalt take to deploy?

Exalt has adopted a one-click deployment strategy which will take around 30 minutes – including the setup and basic branding. If you are a large enterprise you should reserve a couple of weeks in order to request customizations and unique functionality.

Can I customize Exalt?

Exalt consists of 11+ modules with up to 2047 different possible combinations to suit real, demanding, and evolving digital transformation needs. With this, you can make your own digital workplace within minutes.

Is there a set-up fee or other additional costs?

Exalt is a ready-to-go, one-click deploy solution, so there are no further charges to setup exalt. We will provide two weeks of free consulting to customize exalt in case if you need any unique or specific functionality. However, onboarding manager will work with the you to help set up Exalt, considering installation and site structure.The Exalt product itself has a ‘guided tour’ feature. Guidance documents are provided to assist you. Training /guidance for content owners is also available via Skype / MSTeams.

How can I get updates to my Exalt?

Exalt Team is publishing new product releases and bug fixes every 2 weeks. Our subscription gives you an access and usage right to the Exalt releases. You can opt-out of an upgrade, and decide on the upgrade date.

Is it possible to give Exalt a try before purchasing it?

Yes, 30 days of free trial use is possible. Contact us for more details.

What is the licensing model?

Pricing is based on the number of licensed users you want to use the platform. If you are looking for a modular pricing for Intranet, Bots, or Analytics, then please get in touch with us.

Is Exalt available in my country?

Exalt is available globally. So wherever you are in the world, you can use Exalt with the blazing fast speed with all the features.

Once the application is submitted, students who haven't already interviewed for the BranchOut! program must sign up for a BranchOut! Innovator interview slot in the confirmation email. Applicants have to be in high school or a rising 9th grader. All applications to the Branch Out! Innovator program must be completed through this form by June 5, 2019 at 11:59 PM. "Like" our FB page for the latest interview updates. 


Reach out to our student ambassadors or email velbranchout@gmail.com (we will respond within 72 hours. If you don't hear from us, please try again). 




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Reference Name and Reference E-mail Address (Name, E-mail - no letter is needed). If you are applying to the management team, be sure to ask your reference to email the recommendation letter to veritas@uscecc.org. DO NOT put Dr. Wu as a recommender. Please note that this is NOT the person who referred you to the BranchOut! Innovator program. The reference is essentially a recommender who can speak well to your behavior inside or outside the classroom and your skillset. Your reference must be someone you have a professional relationship with, such as a teacher or mentor, and should NOT be a family member or friend.

Please upload a copy of your resume (Word or PDF.) If you want to send an updated version of your resume, email it directly to veritas2@uscecc.org.

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If you are applying to the leadership team, be sure to ask your reference to email the recommendation letter to veritas@uscecc.org.

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