2019 BranchOut! Innovator Application

Applicant Qualifications

1. Rising 9th graders or current high school students
2. Possess good communication and interpersonal skills
3. Able to work in a multicultural environment
4. Motivated students with experience or interest in coding, curriculum development, and/or marketing
5. Strong team players who work well with others

Applicants will submit:

- Application essay (please use a Word processor to edit your essays before submitting onto this application form): Briefly introduce yourself and explain why you are interested in joining the BranchOut! Innovator team. (100-200 words)

- A copy of your resume (make sure to include leadership experience, extracurricular activities, and any notable awards or achievements. Refer here for ideas.

- Name and email of a reference (no letter is required). This can be a teacher, coach, mentor, or anyone who has a professional relationship with you (no parents or friends).

- For students who are interested in joining the management team, we need to receive One recommendation from your teacher, coach, mentor, or anyone who has a professional relationship with you (no parents or friends). Please ask your recommender to email their recommendation letter to veritas@uscecc.org.
- Non-refundable application fee (see below for details)

Application Fee

For applicants who've already paid the application fee for the regular BranchOut! program, no application fee is required. Early bird (before March 22nd): $35 Before April 26th: $45 Before May 20th: $60 If paid through PayPal: Click on the checkout with PayPal button. You will be redirected to a page to login with your PayPal account. Once this is done, follow the directions given by PayPal to submit your payment. If you do not have a PayPal account, there is an alternative option to pay with credit card or debit card on the login screen (may require you to scroll down). If paid by check: Answer all required questions on the form. On the final page of the form, enter nopayinto the discount code field, which will allow you to submit your application without paying through Paypal. You must still send your payment through check. This discount code does not waive your application fee.

Please write the check payable to Veritas Education Leaders and mail it to: Veritas Education Leaders
1751 Pinnacle Dr #600, McLean, VA 22102

*Please include applicant's name, grade level, and school name on the check.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I still have to apply if I've already applied to the BranchOut! mentorship program? A: Yes, everyone, must submit a separate application to the BranchOut! Innovator program, though no PayPal fee is necessary for those who've already applied and submitted their application fee as a BranchOut! mentor. Q: Do I need to be a BranchOut! mentor to be a part of BranchOut! Innovator? A: No, although BranchOut! Innovator is related to BranchOut!, they are separate programs, and you can be a part of one program without being a part of the other. Q: When and where will BranchOut! Innovator take place? A: Unlike BranchOut!, BranchOut! Innovator does not have any specific mentoring locations, instead taking place remotely. It also will be a year-long project, so there are not any specific weekly sessions like with BranchOut! Q: Do I need to have experience with computer science or programming to join? A: No, BranchOut! Innovator is also looking for students to join its curriculum development and marketing teams! Q: Do I need to submit the application fee if I've already submitted one as a BranchOut! mentor? A: Although everyone must fill out the application, students applying to both programs only need to submit one application fee. Q: If I've already had an interview for BranchOut! will I be interviewed again? A: For those who've already been interviewed for the other program, you are not required to go through another one for the Innovator program. Q: When can I expect to hear back? A: Upon submitting the application, students will immediately receive a confirmation email with a link to sign up for an interview slot. If you do not receive this email, it may be in your email's spam folder. If this is not the case and you still have not received the interview sign-up link, please reach out to our leadership team at velbranchout@gmail.com. Q: What is the leadership team selection process like? A: We will review all leadership team applications, interviews, and recommendation letters. Following this process, we will make final decisions regarding leadership team placements. Q: Can rising freshmen apply? A: Yes! The BranchOut! Innovator application is open to rising freshmen through rising seniors.

Once the application is submitted, students who haven't already interviewed for the BranchOut! program must sign up for a BranchOut! Innovator interview slot in the confirmation email. Applicants have to be in high school or a rising 9th grader. All applications to the Branch Out! Innovator program must be completed through this form by June 5, 2019 at 11:59 PM. "Like" our FB page for the latest interview updates. 


Reach out to our student ambassadors or email velbranchout@gmail.com (we will respond within 72 hours. If you don't hear from us, please try again). 




T-Shirt Size (Adult Size)

Which of these teams are you interested in joining?

Reference Name and Reference E-mail Address (Name, E-mail - no letter is needed). If you are applying to the management team, be sure to ask your reference to email the recommendation letter to veritas@uscecc.org. DO NOT put Dr. Wu as a recommender. Please note that this is NOT the person who referred you to the BranchOut! Innovator program. The reference is essentially a recommender who can speak well to your behavior inside or outside the classroom and your skillset. Your reference must be someone you have a professional relationship with, such as a teacher or mentor, and should NOT be a family member or friend.

Please upload a copy of your resume (Word or PDF.) If you want to send an updated version of your resume, email it directly to veritas2@uscecc.org.

Upload Resume

I am interested in joining the leadership team.

If you are applying to the leadership team, be sure to ask your reference to email the recommendation letter to veritas@uscecc.org.

Applicants who have not already applied as a BranchOut! mentor must submit an application fee. Applications are not complete until the application fee has been received. Please select your payment method:

If paying with PayPal or credit/debit card, pay with the checkout button below. If paying with a check, follow the directions at the top of the page under the "Application Fee" tab. Note: for those paying through PayPal, you must come back to this page and press the submit button in order for your application to be submitted.

If you have a discount code, enter it below. Once you've finished typing it in, press enter and a green check mark will pop up, indicating that the discount has been applied and that you can click on the PayPal button to proceed with the discounted application fee.


* Please give the application a few seconds to process after you press submit. If you still have not received confirmation of the submission, go back to make sure all fields are filled out correctly.