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Jessica Wang





Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology

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Bo Wang

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21921 Providence Forge Dr.





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Describe your tutoring experience if you have any:

While I do not have professional tutoring experience, I have tutored several students of varying age groups throughout elementary, middle, and high school. For instance, I tutor many younger members of my family, such as my eight-year-old brother and seven-year-old cousin, with subjects such as math and English. In fifth grade, I helped a student from Egypt with science, math, and grammar concepts, and in seventh grade, I spent many class periods explaining Algebra I concepts to my eighth-grade neighbor. Currently, in my Foundations of Computer Science class, my teacher has designated me to tutor my table partner and make sure that he understands and is caught up on the coding labs; I have also been assigned the role of checking off classmates for completing their labs and helping to answer my peers' questions. In general, my classmates seemed to like my explanations and I have greatly benefitted from and enjoyed helping others in this way.

What subjects can you confidently tutor?

Biology, Algebra I, Algebra II, Technology

When will you be able to participate and volunteer in the program?

7/13 - 7/17, 7/20 - 7/24

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My name is Jessica Wang. I am a ninth grade student at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Alexandria, Virginia. An avid reader, some of my hobbies include playing piano and guitar, writing short stories, coding, solving Rubik's Cubes, experimenting with watercolor, playing table tennis and basketball with my family, and designing escape rooms. Some of my current projects include developing a percolation model in Java and choreographing a duet with my brother.

I applied to become a mentor for Branch Out! not only because I am passionate about STEM, but also because of my interest in helping other students with topics that they may struggle with due to circumstantial reasons. Throughout my elementary and middle school career, I have assisted many of my classmates - and other students from lower grades - with understanding the concepts taught in school; in fifth grade, for example, I explained math and grammar to a new student from Egypt. The experience was rewarding for both of us, as I remembered the information better from teaching them to the classmate, and I found it immensely satisfying to make such a difference in someone else's learning experience.

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Ying Sun

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Hope Chinese School teacher

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