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Ziming Gao


The Stony Brook School

Parent Name:

Jinhua Sun

Parent Phone Number:

+86 18610570616

Street Address:

11 Cedar St


Stony Brook


New York

Zip Code:


Which team are you interested in joining?

Coding/App Development

Describe your experience in your selection to the previous question:

I am experienced in the Java programming language and some Python, and especially in Android application development. I have partially (regrettably we ran out of time) built a budgeting app for Android two years ago with two others called Billify, involving UI design as well as Java programming. I am also a part of my school’s FIRST Tech Challenge team for a second year, this year as Chief Technology Officer, which required programming in Android Studio, and collaboration through a Github repository; our collaboration has enabled us to advance to World Championships this April. In February, I worked as an intern in my father’s company for android app development, working for 3 days, during which I gained some formal programming experience and was able to mainly create UI changes and animations. I also used my strength in programming to help my school: I managed my school’s student jobs program, and I programmed the spreadsheet to automate much of the process (writing emails, recording attendance, etc.), reducing workload as well as improving communication with all the workers and captains.

Cumulative Weighted GPA:

4.30 (non-cumulative, first semester GPA)

Reference Name:

Stan Winston

Reference Job Title:

Director of STEM Education at The Stony Brook School

Relationship to Applicant:

Teacher/robotics coach

Did you apply to BranchOut! as a mentor this year?

BranchOut! Innovator only

Interested in leadership team?


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