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Yichi Zhang


Montgomery Blair High School

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Zhen Yuan

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11609 Paramus Dr.





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Curriculum Design

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Being on the Curriculum Design Team will be the most natural for me, and will also be a great learning experience. I did one-on-one online tutoring with Learn To Be Education for a year and had to make many lesson plans for my fifth grader tutee. At first, it was very difficult because I wasn’t sure how to explain many concepts to her. However, after watching many lesson videos and seeing how effective teachers lay out their lessons, I have been much more successful at clearly getting the concepts across to the student. Last summer, I mentored Algebra 2 at JFK high school with BranchOut. I loved connecting with the students in a classroom setting and learned even more about what makes for a good lesson. Sometimes if the teacher skipped a few practice problems, the students would be lost. However, if the teacher started with an easy problem and built the concepts on top of that one, the students would nod their head and understand the point of the lesson. Curriculum design is a big challenge that requires a lot of dedication, and I am prepared to contribute my knowledge while learning along the way.

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Elias Gonzalez

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Computer Science Teacher

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Computer Science Teacher

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BranchOut! Mentor

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