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Songhan Pang


McLean High School

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Feifei Ding

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1556 Bruton Ct.





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Curriculum Design

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As the teacher for the Seniors’ English Class at the Hope Chinese School Tyson’s Campus, I already have experience with curriculum making. I typically spend 1-2 hours making the lessons from scratch. My lessons include a review of the previous class’ material, 12-14 new vocabulary words, example sentences, practice questions, and dialogue examples. My students have constantly expressed their thanks, saying that they can understand and apply my lessons in daily life. After half a year of teaching, I believe that I am qualified in making an enriching curriculum for students.

Alongside that, I am the editor-in-chief and designer of the Hope Chinese School Newspaper. Working with a journalism team really fostered my creativity and communication skills. In addition, designing the newspaper trained me to find the best way to make a product stand out to an audience. I believe that my skill-set and prior experience would be a great addition to the BranchOut! Innovator Curriculum Design team.

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Pending (Currently A honor roll)

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Anthony Puzan

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History & Social Studies Teacher

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World History 1 Honors Teacher

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BranchOut! Mentor

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