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Marian Qian



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Ting Zhang

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1719 Rupert St





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Coding/App Development

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I am currently taking AP Computer Science A and am learning machine learning outside of school. This year I attended HackTJ, TJHSST’s annual hackathon, and my team created a plan using Arduino to detect the presence of guns in schools. Taking advantage of the GPS-tracker embedded into the Dragonboard 410c, similar to a Raspberry Pi but more powerful, I used the Python library geocoder to extract the longitude and latitude coordinates of the Dragonboard. Using the serial port, I transferred the coordinates to the computer, where a Python file would determine whether a gun was on school grounds with the Dragonboard representing the firearm. If the distance between the center of the school and the coordinates was less than fifty feet, a notification would be sent using Python library sendmail to a security officer’s phone by email or text message, which would then notify them if a firearm was present on school grounds. I am familiar with Java and Python languages, as well as Python libraries used in machine learning such as Keras, sci-kit learn, and NumPy. This year I expanded my machine learning capabilities by using Keras to build a convolutional neural network to detect human facial features, attending TJHSST’s Machine Learning Club and by giving a lecture regarding natural language processing. I would like to contribute to the team by using my machine learning experience to provide a better experience for the students using the app in the future and to expand my hands-on experience of creating real-life applications.

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Ashley Jones

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Chemistry Teacher

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