Victoria Chai


Sep 10, 2003




Thomas S. Wootton High School

Parent Name:

Shulan Li

Parent Email:

Parent Phone Number:


Street Address:

14412 Lake Winds Way


North Potomac



Zip Code:


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Describe your tutoring experience if you have any:

My first tutoring experience was with the Tacy Foundation in the program Piano Pals, where I taught elementary school students whose families may not have been able to afford lessons to play the piano. While volunteering at the PLMCC Shou Chu Summer Camp, I helped camp counselors tutor children from preschool to fifth grade in subjects including math and english. Most recently, I worked as a junior counselor at a Montgomery County Recreation summer camp helping children ages five and six to read and solve math problems.

What subjects can you confidently tutor?

Algebra I, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, English/Language Arts, Music, Technology

When will you be able to participate and volunteer in the program?

7/1 - 7/5, 7/8 - 7/12

Cumulative Weighted GPA:


Briefly introduce yourself and explain why you are interested in becoming a mentor for BranchOut!:

Enthusiastic, responsible, hard-working, and compassionate are words that best describe me as a person. As a student, I am a self-motivated learner, constantly seeking opportunities to expose myself to new knowledge in all subjects. I am intrigued by the art of problem solving and experimentation, which is why math and science has always been my favorite subjects. Upon entering high school, I also found a great interest in computer science, which has led me into various related classes and events. Aside from academics, I am extremely passionate about the arts because of the way it allows me to express myself beyond the limits of words and its unique ability to heal the human mind. I would like to become a mentor for Branch Out! because I want to make a difference in my community and share my passion for STEM and the arts. I want to be able to help others achieve their goals, and I believe becoming a mentor and acquiring the skills needed to take on the role is a step towards that dream. I am eager for this opportunity to strengthen my leadership and communication skills, which will help me make greater contributions to my community.

Reference Name:

Brett Bentley

Reference Job Title:

Wootton AP Chemistry Teacher

Relationship to Applicant:


Have you participated in BranchOut! before?

No, I have not participated in BranchOut before.

Interested in leadership team?


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