Peter Jiang


Mar 16, 2002





Parent Name:

Judy Fu

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Street Address:

12904 Tarragon Ct





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Describe your tutoring experience if you have any:

Although I have only had one formal tutoring experience with a sophomore also at Oakton who required more support in their Chemistry class, I frequently assist classmates and friends with small problems that they are unable to solve. This mentorship comes in many forms, whether it be finding a note on the clarinet, or explaining a particularly challenging Physics question, but I have gained a vast quantity of practice advising people nevertheless. I believe that my experience teaching stemmed from my ability to wholly understand the provided material and both simplify and connect concepts to best facilitate learning for others.

What subjects can you confidently tutor?

Biology, Algebra I, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus

When will you be able to participate and volunteer in the program?

6/24 - 6/28, 7/1 - 7/5

Cumulative Weighted GPA:


Briefly introduce yourself and explain why you are interested in becoming a mentor for BranchOut!:

I'm Peter Jiang, a 17-year-old junior currently studying at Oakton High School. Some of my hobbies include playing the clarinet and video games. I've always been a STEM-centered person, but my areas of expertise mainly include Science and Mathematics.
I'm interested in becoming a mentor at BranchOut! because I want to give back to the community for the opportunities I've personally received. Coming from a relatively well-off family that formerly started poor, I've learned what it's like to have few opportunities from my parents, and I want to support those type of people as best I can. Through this, I also hope to enrich my personal life by diversifying my experiences in working with other people and improve my own social abilities.

Reference Name:

Eugene Hsiang

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Reference Job Title:

Application Architect

Relationship to Applicant:

Math Teacher

Have you participated in BranchOut! before?

No, I have not participated in BranchOut before.

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