Mohan Liu


Jun 8, 2004




Basis Independent McLean

Parent Name:

Alina Hu

Parent Phone Number:


Street Address:

1718 Chateau Ct





Zip Code:


Shirt Size:

Extra Large

Describe your tutoring experience if you have any:

I have participated in my school's peer tutoring programs, where people who need help on a certain subject come together and help each other with topics that each person don't have the full knowledge of. We meet once a week and sometimes if needed we meet more than once. This is not only a great experience for me, helping people who are struggling in classes, especially when many of the people that come to peer tutoring is from the same grade or class as me, this also was a way to be social and have fun. We can help others in our class be better and at the same time, also helping the tutors reinforce the knowledge in our brain. This was the most fun experience I had as a tutor and I love every second of it, it not only made me better at communicating with others but also not afraid to ask help from anyone else.

What subjects can you confidently tutor?

Algebra I, Chinese

When will you be able to participate and volunteer in the program?

6/24 - 6/28

Cumulative Weighted GPA:


Briefly introduce yourself and explain why you are interested in becoming a mentor for BranchOut!:

My name is Mohan, I am a 9th grader and I love to talk, play basketball and draw in my spare time. The reason I want to become a mentor for BranchOut is that I want to help others, I love talking about problems, solving them together, and I love to just help people. I feel like this program will really be the one that I am looking for because I not only love to help people, I love a setting where people come together as a team and help each other. Another reason that I want to become a mentor is that I love younger kids because they can dream of things that many of the older kids have lost though growing up, the vivid imagination and the eagerness to try new things amazes me. They are not hindered by risks and failure, because all they want to do is to try new things and I want to help kids that are like that.

Reference Name:

Barack Stout

Reference Job Title:

Subject Expert Teacher

Relationship to Applicant:


Have you participated in BranchOut! before?

No, I have not participated in BranchOut before.

Interested in leadership team?


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