Eric Feng


May 10, 2005




BASIS Independent McLean

Parent Name:

Ningning Liu

Parent Email:

Parent Phone Number:


Street Address:

2014 Kilgore RD


Falls Church



Zip Code:


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Describe your tutoring experience if you have any:

I just started to volunteer as a teaching assistant for the high level Go class at Hope Chinese School at Tysons Corner this semester. The students are aged 7 to 13. I grade homework, and assist the students individually when they are doing classwork. I also play Go games with them, tutoring them one to one when they make mistakes. I have also worked as a substitute teacher for the entry level class for kids aged 4-5 for a couple of times. I followed the teaching plan and taught them new concepts and related techniques. I liked the opportunity to teach a group of students. Although more challenging, it is also more enjoyable and rewarding.

What subjects can you confidently tutor?

Biology, Algebra I, Algebra II, Chinese, Spanish

When will you be able to participate and volunteer in the program?

6/24 - 6/28, 7/1 - 7/5, 7/8 - 7/12, 7/15 - 7/19

Cumulative Weighted GPA:

3.97 (based on a maximum 4.0 scale)

Briefly introduce yourself and explain why you are interested in becoming a mentor for BranchOut!:

I came from China at sixth grade. I found the new environment a bit challenging to adapt to. The teaching style was new and my peers were talking about things that I had never heard about. Sometimes I felt left out. Luckily, a few kind people reached out and helped me with the transition. They were so helpful! I felt so lucky to have met them. I think I should offer the same kind of help back to the community. I would like to assist disadvantaged students to catch up with their peers and be more confident to face new academic challenges.

Reference Name:

David Sharp

Reference Job Title:

English Teacher

Relationship to Applicant:

Coach in the Model UN and Journalism Club

Have you participated in BranchOut! before?

No, I have not participated in BranchOut before.

Interested in leadership team?


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